Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Jimmy Savile bonanza comes to an end

Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence? Savile died before he could be accused or tried, leaving police and newspapers - egged on by man-hating feminists - to declare him a serial sex-pervert. The lawyers were over the moon - they were going to make an absolute mint. And ministers breathed a sigh of relief, for an elderly white celebrity (the first of many, even though he was dead) had now been publicly branded a paedophile.

It takes our minds off endemic moslem grooming when we read about celebrities getting up to no good, you see. But now the grasping compo-vultures, egged on by press and police to "remember" being abused all those years ago, have lost out. There'll be no filthy lucre for them, shamelessly snatched out of the charitable trust fund so richly endowed by Savile to benefit genuinely good causes after his death. No, the money's all been swallowed up by the lawyers -

"Almost two-thirds of the damages claims made for alleged sexual assaults by Jimmy Savile have so far been rejected. Lawyers representing NatWest Bank, the executors of Savile’s will, told the Appeal Court last week that out of 58 claims which have so far been considered....36 have been thrown out, and just 22 accepted. The scheme, set up by the bank, was approved in April by a High Court judge.....The hearing also confirmed that the whole of Savile’s estate is certain to be swallowed up in legal fees."

Meanwhile the sickening charade goes on, with famous old white men still being framed on vague, decades-old evidence to take our minds off just what's really happening - not just in Rotherham, but all over the country


  1. Isn't it amazing it never ceases to amaze me.
    I bet still more come out of the woodwork in a vain attempt to cash in.
    I wonder how many will go to the Criminal Injuries for their compensation instead.

    1. ...and get it too, even though he was never convicted.

  2. Simply don't know what to add here. There are cases, but not that many.

  3. Even the DLT case was based on dodgy evidence, and I think his lawyer only advised a plea of guilt to get a lighter sentence (it didn't work).


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