Monday, 6 October 2014

Police spied on newspaper to protect Chris Huhne....

...after journalists found that he had lied to police about a speeding offence to avoid loss of his driving license -

"Police used anti-terrorism powers to secretly spy on The Mail on Sunday after shamed Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne falsely accused journalists of conspiring to bring him down. Detectives...used far-reaching powers under the controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers hack MoS phone records and identify the source....his name – along with details of telephone calls and emails between him and MoS News Editor David Dillon – were passed by prosecutors to Chris Huhne’s defence lawyers."

So not only did police abuse an anti-terrorism law, but they also helped Huhne's lawyer to defend him in court. He lost the case and was sent to prison for four months, for perverting the course of justice. As was his wife - she had lied that she was driving the car at the time her husband broke the speed limit.

....then friendly judges let him out of prison early

Mind you, after appealing his sentence Huhne was let out after only four weeks, as was his wife. How nice it must be to have friends in both the police and the judiciary - his lawyer was a part-time judge until her role in this affair was rumbled, but she can still pull strings among her old colleagues when it comes to appealing a sentence.

October 13 - Extra - Plod hacked phone records of journalist looking into attempts to frame yet another white bloke for hysteric sex abuse to take our minds off moslem grooming. Well, that's how it scans...


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