Friday, 3 October 2014

Labour admits UKIP threat

The Fabian Society, an intrinsic part of the Labour Party, admits that UKIP doesn't just take votes away from the Tories. Indeed, the "kippers" could even lose Labour the general election victory next year that many party insiders are taking for granted. Here are some extracts from the Society's website -

"Labour seats under direct UKIP threat: Great Grimsby, Dudley North, Plymouth Moor View, Rother Valley, Rotherham.....Sixteen critical and very serious indirect threat seats which Labour might lose to Conservatives as a result of UKIP-Labour considerers: Southampton Itchen, Great Grimsby, Walsall North, Plymouth Moor View, Telford, Dudley North, Halifax, Wolverhampton NE, Birmingham Edgbaston, Blackpool South, Walsall South, Leicester West, Nottingham South, Southampton Test, Birmingham Northfield, and Wakefield.....Four critical and very serious indirect threat Labour target seats which it could fail to win as a result of UKIP-Labour considerers: Plymouth Sutton & Devonport, Carlisle, Lincoln and Ipswich."

And how do the Fabians propose countering the UKIP threat? Derisory measures, which have been and have failed, are illegal under European law, or which would cost more to working class taxpayers -

"Labour should stress a combination of cost of living issues (energy price freeze, increasing the minimum wage, capping rent increases) with policies that speak to UKIP considerers core anxieties (such as the introduction by some Labour councils of residency requirements for council house waiting lists and curbs on welfare payments to families who live overseas). Beyond this, Labour should consider promoting more contribution in welfare, ring fence a large number of its proposed 200,000 new homes for local people and switch from EU free movement of labour, to fair movement of labour....."

- and propaganda exercises carried out by local party branches, which will probably elicit caustic comments from what the Fabians call "considerers" - ie people thinking of switching support from Labour to UKIP -

"Labour should shift its campaigners efforts to community campaigning on local issues like pay day loan and betting shops, litter picks and night safety campaigns that reconnect Labour with the local community...."

Nowhere do the Fabians suggest ending mass immigration, kicking asylum seekers off the housing queue, restricting British jobs to British workers, cracking down on moslem paedophiles, or restoring law and order. They can offer nothing to stop the haemorrhaging of votes from Labour to the United Kingdom Independence Party.

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  1. That's the more interesting one - how to quantify the loss of votes from Labour to UKIP. Easier to ascertain from the Tories.


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