Thursday, 23 October 2014

A more realistic script for EastEnders

Paedophile - "Coupla 13 year old slags moved in dahn the road, showin' their ankles, innit."
Imam - "Well you know what the Koran says, Mo. You can do what you want wiv 'em. 'Ere, there goes a ginger..."
Gaybashir - "Stone me! Let's get 'im, lads. Do they fink this is the decadent West or summit?"
Taxirapist - Yer. Like that white woman I groped in the cab larst night. Only called me an effin' pervert, didn't she?"
Alcoholfreepubowner - "Sounds like anuvver racist to report to Old Bill."
Al-pig - "Don't worry lads, 'ome secretary's gunner send 'em all back to Anglo-Saxon Land in Germany."
FGM victim - "And good bleedin' riddance too!"


  1. I left you a comment but I am not sure it registered I have been having some posting issues.
    It went something like this.
    Hmmm I recognise this ;)
    All tru tho innit blud, swear dan man, is is coz I is blak even tho i aint dude.

    1. Er yes, I nicked my comment from your blog, and added a picture. Here's a link to try and make up for it -


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