Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Cameron says "Off you go, then!" to UKIP sympathisers

What with Dave calling the latest MP to defect to UKIP "fat arse", Boris hinting that UKIP supporters (many of them ex-Tories) have sex with vacuum cleaners, and Tory conference speakers hotly urging their entire eurosceptic wing to join UKIP, I was reminded of Michael Palin, playing a mad sergeant-major in this Python sketch, telling soldiers that if they had something better to do than marching up and down the square, then they had better go and do it.....

Extra shot in foot - a former Tory donor has increased his UKIP donation from £100,000 to £1,000,000 after William Hague called him a "nobody".


  1. Yes, the trick now is to get some other Tory to insult one of their donors - it's a lucrative revenue stream.

    1. It's a bit rich that a grating, irrelevant bore like William Hague should call this major donor a nobody.


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