Friday, 5 September 2014

Smoking and big business

First they came for the smokers....and gradually even fairly open spaces became enclosed spaces where you could not smoke. Even a private space like your car will soon become a smoke-free zone. You're meant to turn to patches, to help you give up. Now Big Pharma, which owns politicians and nicotine patch factories alike, has declared a crack down on e-cigs too. Because they work, unlike patches which seldom have any effect - forcing the smoker to keep coming back for more, in the hope that they'll work one day....

"Last week the World Health Organization called for e-cigarette use to be banned in public places and workplaces. The WHO said this was because they could increase the levels of some toxins and nicotine in the air. Its report also warned about the risk of e-cigarettes acting as a gateway by which non-smokers might start smoking real cigarettes."

So if the secondary inhalation argument doesn't stack up, then fall back to the claim that e-cigs encourage you to buy real cigs. Researchers at University College, London, give short shrift to this corporate-funded nonsense -

"[UCL researchers say] that even though some toxins were present in vapour from e-cigarettes the concentrations were very low....researchers at the National Addiction Centre based at King's College London and the Tobacco Dependence Unit at Queen Mary University....concluded that some of the assumptions WHO had made were 'misleading....the risks are unlikely, some already proven not to exist....killing benefits, which are huge, for risks which are small is like asking people to stop using mobile phones and tablets....because of a one in 10 million chance that the battery might overheat in your device.'"

It's a bit like carbon dioxide. When you realise that it isn't warming the world up after all, they say "Yes it is, but solar flares are cooling it down again. When they stop, carbon dioxide will boil us all to death, unless we limit its production." And big business is behind that scare story, too.

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