Monday, 1 September 2014

Scottish election violence

I touched on this subject in my last post, and covered Nigel Farage's near-lynching last year. Things now seem to be getting even worse - like central Glasgow when the pubs turn out. This is from the Sunday Herald -

"Fears have been expressed of polling-day trouble, with No supporters concerned about intimidation at polling stations when rival campaigners come face to face. One senior No campaign source said: 'We are worried that there is going to be absolute carnage.'"

But in another piece the Herald seems to indicate that if UKIP turns up Scots will definitely vote for independence - without any need for "absolute carnage" to frighten them into voting down the Union -

"The decision by Ukip to hold a rally in Glasgow a few days before Referendum Day has been seized on by the Yes camp as a political blow to their opponents....Better Together insisted: 'Ukip have no part to play in our campaign. We are campaigning against Nationalist politics of division and grievance'."

So, the SNP and the official pro-Union lobby sees UKIP - also pro-Union - as promoting "division and grievance". Duh...? I thought promoting division and grievance was the SNP's job? Not according to the "anti" fascists -

"Hope not Hate Scotland said the UKIP rally was 'a cynical attempt to capitalise on their EU result in Glasgow....this will undoubtedly appeal to far right and fascist organisations...we need to get the real facts out about UKIP so people can find out what they really stand for.'"

Hated by the Scots nationalists, the official pro-Union lobby and the far left members of Hope not Hate (sic), still UKIP spokesman Arthur Thackery has offered to look after hateful Better Together campaigner Jim Murphy after he suspended his '100 towns in 100 days' tour on police advice -

"We take a position that we will not be intimidated off the streets, and if Jim wants any support on his speaking tour when he goes back out there we are happy to join him make sure he stays safe."

(Picture shows Alex Salmond, whose party's founders got inspiration from a certain beer hall in the 1930s....)


  1. What a delightful place Scotland is to have in our Union.

    1. Certain parts of Glasgow are the the bits that support Celtic.


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