Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Police call for more obscene behaviour

Thanks to Julia M for this nuggett of news from deepest Sussex -

"Chief Constable Giles York told a policing conference yesterday that forces need more LGBT officers and warned against prejudice becoming 'discriminatory practice'.....he said 'we have to become an employer of choice for all sorts of people'....Mr York said gay communities had historically been 'hounded' by the policing of public sex environments, adding: 'we still have prejudices today and I think the learning (sic) we need to do on this is how we don’t let them boil through into discriminatory behaviour'."

But as Julia points out, the proportion of LBGT officers in Sussex Police roughly equates to the national average. And the force's LTGB liaison officer for gay Brighton remarks in the above article that he is not aware of any officers experiencing hostility as a result of coming out. As for being "hounded" in public toilets, didn't Labour legalise gay sex in the cubicles, pretending that they were private spaces - even though you could still hear everything? But that's not good enough for Chief Constable York, who apparently wants to importune men standing at the urinals, too.

Doesn't he realise that an increase in "human rights" for minorities - meaning an unfair share of available jobs, the gagging of the majority through "hate crime", and letting the privileged few get away with murder - breeds disgust for those minorities? (See how gays were allowed to rope off an entire district of Brighton for their festival this year.)


  1. forces need more LGBT officers

    Oh FFS!

  2. How the hell did York get to this position?

    If that doesn't prove the lunacy of positive discrimination in favour of minorities/politically correct, then nothing will.

    Is this man a copper, or a bloody social engineer?

    Bring back Jack Regan and Sgt Carter!

    1. I couldn't agree more! Incidentally, the Sweeney (ie the Flying Squad) was disbanded because its members were shooting too many armed robbers. Apparently they have human rights....

  3. Oh dear York seems to be a bit biased and out of touch with the real world, NOT like most people in positions of power at all then !!!!


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