Monday, 22 September 2014

News round-up. Or rather, nothing new.

As two figures in the Rotherham grooming cover-up resign - chief childsnatcher Joyce Thacker and crime commissioner (sic) Shaun Wright - the authorities try to make us forget about moslem grooming, endemic not just in Rotherham but all over England, and fast spreading to the Celtic fringes too. So the heat is now on the judge in the Dave Lee Travis retrial (for "touching" two women decades ago) to get a guilty verdict.

That will really take our minds off moslem grooming, just as it always does when an elderly white celebrity is framed on dubious evidence going back years. And because jurors in Travis' original trial couldn't be persuaded to deliver the "right" verdict, so this judge has said that in lieu of unanimity, a majority will do this time. It's all reminiscent of the staged retrial of the supposed killers of Stephen Lawrence - click here if you're interested.

Meanwhile the SNP may have lost the war, but it will win the peace, as the three main parties have said they'll give even more powers to Scotland in future (whilst maintaining its £17 billion subsidy from the English taxpayer, which would have been lost following independence). And will the English be given the power to run their own affairs as well, as in Scotland - and to some extent in Wales and Ulster too, themselves the beneficiaries of English largesse?

Will they heck - already there is party talk of devolving power to local councils instead, like a re-run of the failed "localism" project - and of stopping Scots MPs from voting on matters which only affect England - which won't make much difference, as nearly all Parliamentary legislation affects at least three nations of the Union. Same old, same old - or, let's keep screwing the English, and let moslems screw their kids.


  1. And so it goes on and on ad nauseam.

  2. Seems telling the truth (if it involves ethnic people) is still out of fashion. Remember Paul Condon the Met Police bloke who reported the percentage of muggers that were of ethnic origin? Got him sacked as I recall.

    1. Hence stop and search protests and climbdowns.

      (And if you don't want to be frisked for explosives at airports, you have to wear a burkha now.)


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