Thursday, 25 September 2014

Kicking Scotland out of the UK

A major UKIP donor has called for an English referendum on ejecting Scotland from the United Kingdom -

"Under the heading 'chairman’s ramblings' in Panther Securities’ interim results, [Andrew] Perloff said: 'We have just had the result of the Scottish referendum which appears as a resounding Yes to the union 55 percent in favour to 45 percent against. I do not know why the result would have been in doubt. Why would any faction of a social club resign when all the other members contribute £1,600 per year per person to their particular faction and have been further browbeaten to offer further incentives to these malcontents? Perhaps now the English can have a referendum as to whether we wish to keep the Scots in and whilst we are at it, the Irish and Welsh as well!"


Keep it clean.....