Thursday, 18 September 2014

EU triples tax on green industry

Just noticed this on the Bloggers4UKIP website -

"The British government has been told by the EU that it has to charge the minimum EU VAT rate of 15% on energy efficient products. Things like insulation, wind turbines, solar panels and wood burners providing hot water only attract 5% VAT to encourage their use to meet the EU's punishing yet completely futile and unnecessary global warming targets.....the Climate Change Minister, Greg Barker, has put together a robust response to the interfering busybodies in Brussels - he's started a Twitter campaign to try and get them to change their minds.....Having created a whole industry from nowhere with the global warming scam, the EU is now going to reap the profits from the unsustainable 'green' industry it created"

How pathetic that EU membership has reduced a government minister to twittering ineptitude. The SNP is all in favour of such impotence, because it wants Scotland to retain its membership after achieving independence. If not being able to control its own tax and environmental policies can be called independence, that is.


  1. Our elected government is totally impotent and inept under the unelected behemoth which oversees the EU.

    Time they were referred to Arkell vs Pressdram (1971).

  2. Slowly shaking the head from side to side, Ian.

    1. Now watch Caroline Lucas not protest....


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