Friday, 5 September 2014

Common Purpose and Rotherham

Pat Condell thinks this highly influential outfit might be behind the official (and ongoing) endorsement of moslem grooming - where even parents are arrested for telling police officers what's happening to their children.


  1. "My daughter was sent home by her school in Rotherham for using racist language"

    "Why, what did she say?"


  2. Thank you Pat for another of your spot on videos, speaking out about outright institutionalised racism toward our white vulnerable girls in modern progressive Britain. I will be posting this on Twitter where, being a UKIP activist I will no doubt be again accused of using for political gain! How is it that once decent minded folk in UK, fail to grasp that it is the deliberate silence at ALL levels of public services, that's enabled these vile scum to cause such industrial scale suffering? It is in the main, Labour that have allowed, for political gain, this to happen. That should come as no shock when folk realise that Labour's Deputy Leader Harriet Harman is the niece of peadophile apologist Lord Longford and together with husband MP Jack Dromey, and ex-MP's Patricia Hewitt and Peter Tatchell have links to the "Peadophile Information Exchange". How the rest of Westminster can allow her to remain in that position tells us alot about the rest of them, most likely worried about their own possible skeletons.

    It was silence that enabled this to happen, and anyone failing to speak up now should be watched very carefully!

    1. Good points. I think minorities are allowed to get away with murder in the hope that even more of them will move to Britain, driving down wages through the law of supply and demand. That way the politicians get cheap labour bribes from employers.


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