Saturday, 30 August 2014

Riot roundup

First Rotherham, where police and social services colluded for years to stop child victims - now thought to number 1,400 so far - of moslem paedophiles from speaking out, with threats of prosecution for racism. The trouble is that local whites had started rioting, and there's nothing the authorities fear more than a popular uprising - hence the recently released report into just how much paedophilia there is now, with the hint that things will start to get better - which of course they won't. Meanwhile police try to distract angry locals by framing elderly white celebrities for what the moslems have been getting up to, with prehistoric recollections supplied by compo vultures and the press.

Riotous behaviour in Scotland is getting worse, with not just UKIP members facing violent abuse, but now a Labour MP as well, who like them opposes Scottish independence from England, whilst unlike UKIP - but just like the SNP - also supporting dependence on Brussels. It's an odd kind of patriotism that favours the ongoing draining of sovereign powers to foreigners - and which calls for more mass immigration for the benefit of cheap labour employers, I mean the economy. Still, the promise of Eurocrat jobs for the boys and offshore kickbacks from the bosses must ease the consciences of these whores, the one lot waving the Saltire, and the others the Union Jack.

Rioting in England has now spread to the Kurds, who have had to be separated by police from Islamists supporting attacks on their relatives in Iraq. It's a pity the Kurds don't go home - every freedom fighter helps - although this might just induce the government to change sides again. Policy seems stable on the Jews though, with terrorists given carte blanche to carry on where Eichmann left off and wails of indignation when the Israelis dare to fight back. One Elder of Zion has now broken George Galloway's jaw, as he has whipped up more racial hatred than anyone.

Rioting will break out in the Fens soon, as the violence of East European immigrants starts to peak - three children have now killed a man in Spalding after breaking into his house. Naturally police are saying as little as possible, but they must be pleased that at least the murder distracts local attention from continued traveller (sic) shack building in the Fen country, which the police have managed to ignore completely.

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