Friday, 1 August 2014

Parliamentary committee believes in climate change.....almost

I have covered this outfit's filthy goings-on before. Now read this extract from Anthony Watts' popular climate blog -

"The U.K.’s Energy and Climate Change Committee [has] endorsed the IPCC’s 2014 opinion that humans are the dominant cause of global warming. In a 9 to 2 vote in a parallel universe the 'Science was Settled', yet again. But not by scientists, of course. Let’s look at the MPs who voted: Of the 9 in favour at least one had fiddled his expenses, just six held degrees and only one of them in what could be considered a scientific field, Human Biology.....The two MPs that voted against held scientific degrees in, respectively, Chemistry and Natural Sciences. Rigorously applying the proven '97% consensus' methodology, that implies 66% of scientifically qualified MPs tasked with considering the IPCC report don’t believe that global warming is predominantly caused by man."

In fact it's amazing just how cool the Earth stays when countries like China keep building new coal fired power stations. Could it be that CO2 is just a harmless plant food after all?

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  1. I suspect humans of being the cause of overpopulation though.


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