Monday, 21 July 2014

Some pigs are more equal than others......

Brighton's annual "Gay Pride" weekend will no longer be limited to a parade of abnormal people down the London Road, en route to the local park for a public display of mass drunkenness and defaecation. The gayest road in town, St James Street, is to be sealed off to pedestrians and vehicles this year, with only residents allowed to use it for free. Everybody else will be charged for entry to this public thoroughfare, which is lined with shops used not only by gays but also by straight people from all over Brighton. The idea is to concentrate Gay Pride celebrants from all over the country into this road so that they can treat it as an extension to the park - hopefully keeping their drinking and defaecating to their gay bars and nightclubs.

Traders, who will not receive a rebate to their business rates for this weekend of net losses, are not amused at this abuse of the Queen's Highway, and neither indeed are Brighton shoppers, of whom I am one. People wishing to visit friends who live in the area will have to pay for the privilege. Naturally the council's ruling Green Party was in favour of this scheme and voted it through - with Tory and Labour support, I might add.

This is the real meaning of "human rights" - certain groups are given special rights at the expense of other groups, in an echo of the Nuremberg Laws. Frankly, I want my civil rights back. Or "hate crimes", as they call them now.


  1. Grrrrrrrr, don't even start me on this. Had to get stuck into the gay mafia today.

  2. James Higham: "Had to get stuck into the gay mafia today."

    Isn't that rather the point, old chap?


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