Friday, 25 July 2014

Illegal immigrants caught trying to LEAVE the UK

Amazing but true. Thanks to Kath Lissenden for pointing out this bit of news -

"A group of illegal immigrants have been caught trying to leave the UK and smuggle themselves into France by hiding in a lorry on a cross-channel ferry. The Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Afghani and Sri Lankan nationals were caught by French border police when the P&O Spirit of France docked in Calais on Tuesday. Two families - including two children - and another 22 men had stowed away in a Polish lorry. All 28 immigrants were returned to Dover at 6.40 pm that evening on P&O's Pride of Canterbury."

How nice to know that the French have returned them to the United Kingdom, where no doubt an excuse will be found for them to stay, even though they obviously don't want to. Keep on packing 'em in....

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