Thursday, 19 June 2014

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I just came across this beautiful self-description by "right wing" (ie not politically correct) blogger Mac the Knife -

"Fifty-four, but I don't look a day over ninety-three. Done the rounds through the private sector, the NHS and latterly the Civil Service. Apolitical libertarian, sick of just about everything to do with our sub-comedic 'democracy'. My hobbies include smoking, drinking heavily and crawling around darkened rooms bumping into things. EU sceptic, ACC sceptic, and violently anti accordion music. I believe that lying to the public should be a capital offence, and that the international political class should be flayed alive and their skin recycled to make bog-roll for leper colonies in the developing world. Nothing extreme about me then..."

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  1. Chin up, lads. The battle is about to commence.


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