Saturday, 3 May 2014

Fascist Britain - the latest

I have blogged before about the ruthless Court of "Protection" and its war on civil rights. Now a thuggish council has got a judge to silence an elderly woman after it tried to force her into a care home against her wishes.-

"A 94 year-old woman has been gagged by a High Court judge from talking to the press after a local council tried to force her from her home. In what is believed to be an unprecedented move, the former NHS midwife is now subject to a permanent order banning her from speaking to the press after the judge ruled that she did not have the mental capacity to do so. Court of Protection judge Mrs Justice Russell granted the order in response to an application by Redbridge Council....."

"......In a hearing in March Mr Justice Cobb said Miss G had taken part in a protest outside a town hall in Ilford, east London, about the local authority's involvement with her case. She had been taken to the Houses of Parliament and signed a petition asking the Government to intervene in her 'dispute with the local authority'. The judge said there had also been 'communication' between the woman and members of the press."

I'm surprised "Justices" Russell and Cobb weren't concerned by this woman's "communication" with her MP too, and didn't try to ban her from speaking to politicians as well. Have they got shares in sadistic care homes, or what?


  1. Has this blog gone live again? If it has, drop me a line and I will bung it back in my main blogroll.

  2. Ah, this needs publicizing. Dangerous move.


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