Thursday, 10 April 2014

If Scotland votes to leave the UK.....

John Redwood MP thinks this might be good for England. Here's what could happen afterwards -

"The first thing that should happen is all MPs representing Scottish seats in the House of Commons should withdraw from all business relating to the rest of the UK, especially business relating to the negotiation between the rest of the UK and Scotland. The government should pass a Bill excluding Scottish MPs from rest of the UK business if there is no voluntary agreement to this."

(Since English folk don't have a say on Scottish Parliament decisions this should have happened already.)

"The second thing is a negotiating team of senior Ministers should equip themselves to negotiate on a wide range of matters that need settling between the two new countries. This will include splitting the state debts and assets, sorting out responsibility for banks and money, the transition to a new currency for Scotland, the transfer of benefits, pensions and other state liabilities to Scotland for their people, and the trade and border arrangements which will apply following the split."

(RBS, so badly advised by Alex Salmond before it crashed, is registered in Edinburgh, not London.)

"The third thing is to notify the EU of the need to change our relationship with the EU. Our partners will probably deem the rest of the UK to be the successor state to the UK, but they will want to cut our number of MEPs and our votes around the table. The rest of the UK will need to cut our financial contribution, and may as well regard the exit of Scotland as triggering a much more fundamental renegotiation of our relationship."

(Imagine the Europe-loving SNP asking reluctant Scots to pay their fair share to Brussels in future.)

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  1. Good plan but the mealy-mouthed, lily-livered English/Scottish pollies like Cameron will allow them to keep most of it as a gesture of goodwill.


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