Friday, 21 March 2014

Britain, home to gangsters

Richard Littlejohn notes that human rights law can sometimes be used to evade a European Arrest Warrant -

"For the past 20 years, [Domenico] Rancadore has been on the run, holed up in a detached bungalow in Uxbridge, Middlesex. It’s hardly Don Corleone’s compound in The Godfather. Neighbours knew him as Marc Skinner, who lived a private existence with his British-born wife Anne....but the Italian authorities insist ‘Marc’ was a leading figure in the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, an enforcer for a crime family in the district of Trabia, near Palermo. Italy’s deputy prime minister describes him as one of that country’s ‘most dangerous fugitives’. In 1999, Rancadore was convicted in his absence of Mafia association and extortion and sentenced to seven years in prison."

Last year the eyeties discovered where he was living and issued a European Arrest Warrant. So bye-bye Domenico Rancadore, was it? Nope - the thug has, unlike his victims - and unlike the many British victims of the European Arrest Warrant now festering in squalid prison conditions - yuman rights -

"Metropolitan Police detectives raided his home and he was brought before Westminster Magistrates’ Court, which ordered his extradition. But Rancadore appealed and yesterday the original ruling was overturned. The extradition order was struck down and he walked free on bail. Senior district judge Howard Riddle said he couldn’t accept assurances that prison conditions in Italy wouldn’t breach - yep, you guessed - Rancadore’s human rights. The court was told that overcrowding in Italian jails would put him at risk of ‘inhuman and degrading’ treatment and might worsen his chronic chest pains."

The irony is that Italy is a founder member of the EU and its Arrest Warrant. And of the European Convention on Human Rights, too. So you don't have to be a member of the Russian mafia, er oligarchy, to be granted sanctuary here for fear that you will be sent to some Siberian hell-hole if you are deported. Wealthy gangsters from Italy, where prison conditions are just as good as those applying in Britain, can buy their liberty too.

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