Monday, 6 January 2014

Whatever happened to Magna Carta?

Did she die in vain, as Tony Hancock asked? Norman Tebbit seems to think so. He starts by quoting Churchill -

"The essential aspects of democracy are the freedom of the individual , within the framework of laws passed by Parliament, to order his life as he pleases, and the uniform enforcement of tribunals independent of the executive. The laws are based on Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus, The Petition of Rights and others. Without this foundation there can be no freedom… As long as these rights are defended the foundations of freedom are secure…"

But in this year of preparations for celebrating the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta in 2015, there doesn't seem much to actually celebrate. To continue -

"The European Commission now has the right to make laws without the need to go to even the European Parliament, let alone that of Westminster. The enforcement of those laws or regulations is often arbitrary. The European Arrest Warrant allows countries with very little track record of the rule of law as Churchill would have known it to seize British citizens in our own country and lock them up awaiting trial without effective rights of Habeas Corpus."

And as Tebbit tartly puts it, equating the Commission with King John - who got the Pope to repeal Magna Carta for a while, just as Ted Heath signed another Roman treaty -

"The collective King John of Europe which resides in the headquarters of the European Commission would have to be confronted by a gang of 21st-century knights to be brought to heel and for the process of creating a European democracy to begin. That would be uncomfortable for some of the powerful corporate barons of commerce and industry who would rather carve deals with the Commission than conform to a common law for all."

Not that European democracy is possible, because there's no European demos, as Enoch Powell pointed out.


  1. Needs a Simon de Montfort also?

  2. Tebbit used to be one of my least favourite conservative politicians, now he is one of very few making any sense, which for me is in itself shocking.
    The EU was and still is the biggest single mistake this country ever made and until we put that right the continued decline of this country is ensured.
    We have had our jugular vein severed and we are hemorrhaging to death, we will drown under immigrants and the associated filth and disease associated with some of these immigrants. TB was almost eradicated in the UK now it has dramatically increased. Not speaking the language seems to be the biggest defence for criminal activity and our prison system is drowning in foreign criminals (many of whom already had convictions in their own countries). For myself the future looks bleak and it worries me greatly. People hated Margaret Thatcher but she looks like an angel in comparison to this lot.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, was skint so broadband was suspended - ok now. Yes.


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