Friday, 3 January 2014

Life should

Strasburg is concerned that some of our murder convicts face genuine life imprisonment (as opposed to the usual five minutes' worth), and says they should be able to get out of gaol after 25 years or so, pending a review at that time and every few years afterwards. Raedwald wonders if Cameron will cave in to his masters' demands -

"Europe doesn't like our whole-life sentences for the most heinous of murders..... Officially, we just have one sentence for murder - life - but this is modified with a recommendation defining what 'life' should mean. In some cases it means seven years. We have neither evolved different 'degrees' of murder as distinct criminal charges nor jail terms in excess of a hundred years, as have been long used in the US.....As the matter must be resolved before Rigby's killers are disposed of - postponing sentencing too long will undoubtedly violate their European Rights - this will be a good test of Cameron's true resolve."

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