Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy new year

Expect political correctness to become stronger and more widespread. It will almost become an offence to cause offence to any group whatsoever, excluding white male Englishmen, and not only judges but also the police and local councils will be making up new equalities (sic) law to this end, as, of course, will Parliament and the European Union. The green section of this left-wing fascist movement will get away with, if not exactly murder, then certainly violence, as will anti-Israel (sic) protesters and the anti-capitalist members of the Occupy movement. New ranks of social engineers will grow to restrain our natural feelings at our expense, ostensibly in our own best interests.

Such repression will serve to mask stronger and more widespread pockets of sharia law, minority violence, and anarchy in the streets. More and more long-recognised crimes will be tolerated as normal with the perpetrators, at most, treated as victims of society or as sufferers from new and dubious-sounding forms of mental illness. Corruption will become endemic with privacy and censorship laws to shelter the perpetrators and punish the whistleblowers, and while the already blackshirted police will become more feral, so also will the troops - who will prove to be our real friends when the balloon finally goes up - be imprisoned on ever-flimsier pretexts.

The good news is that more and more people will withdraw from the state and from civil society as we know it. Self-help, on a community, family and individual basis will become ubiquitous, and not just in the areas of social provision and employment, but also in the fields of policing and defence. People will make their own arrangements when it comes to currencies and loans, without reference to the official institutions, and they will re-establish freedom of speech - and if the Internet proves unsafe for these activities then other methods will be devised by human ingenuity. The powers we can assume are boundless - or as Sarah Connor put it in Terminator 2, there is -

No fate but what we make.

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