Saturday, 4 January 2014

Certifying mothers and snatching their kids

Recently the Court of Protection (sic) conspired in the sectioning of a pregnant woman, her forced caesarian and the theft of her child. This sort of thing goes on all the time - and the authorities will lock you up if you fight back -

"After [Wendy's] two sons were taken from her four years ago for what seem to have been highly contentious reasons, she continued to fight for them to be returned (her slightly autistic 15-year-old pleads to come back to her, and for two years she successfully nursed her younger boy through a rare form of bone cancer). But when, last year, to aid her fight, she repeatedly applied under the Freedom of Information Act to see her medical records and the notes of the social workers, she mysteriously ran into opposition. On December 2, while out shopping, she stopped her car for a cigarette. An ambulance drew up, she was bundled into it and taken to the psychiatric wing of Calderdale Royal Hospital, in Halifax, where psychiatrists and doctors assessed her as insane under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act."

The shrinks got hold of her keys too (unless they got the police to burgle her house) -

"A week later, the psychiatrist in charge of her case told her that her home had been burgled. She was allowed home, under escort, to discover that her house had been ransacked. Nothing was missing apart from papers relating to her case, photographs of her children, reading glasses and £300 in cash. But the same psychiatrist then accused her of having done this herself, even though she was all the time detained in hospital."

Let's hope this woman's lawyer isn't bent. A lot of them lose cases on purpose to gain extra work from Social Services departments - which aren't above bribing "expert witnesses" to attest to how screwed up the parents are.

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