Sunday, 5 January 2014

A right beheading

Tommy Robinson

Forced to resign the leadership of the English Defence League by moslem threats and by heavy police hints that they wouldn't be able to protect him if he carried on - and would, in fact, be framing him just as much in future as they have done in the past - the establishment left think they've destroyed the EDL - as if it was only ever a powerful leader duping the English working class into following him. It wasn't and it still exists.

Nick Griffin

Bankrupted by his lawyers after years of successfully fighting Trevor Phillips' inequalities quango, the establishment left think they've seen the last of him, forgetting that bankrupts can now stand in British elections and that Griffin has every intention of retaining his seat at the next euros. And forgetting that the BNP wasn't founded by him any more than the National Front was - another party reliant on mass working class support..

Nigel Farage

Although so far surviving his several brushes with death, he might not be so lucky next time. His outspokenness in favour of government (as opposed to EU) imposed, mass immigration could see him displaced as leader even if he survives another accident, as half the party's support comes from the working class, who have to live next door to the immigrants. If he doesn't change or isn't replaced this support will flow back to the BNP.

Leaders come and go, but a movement persists. Something for the establishment left to chew on.


  1. It's all in proportion to the size of the perceived threat. Major solution needed.

    1. "Perceived" - good point. BBC, schoolteachers, MPs, police, etc attempt to warp our perceptions. The "major solution" won't come from those quarters.

  2. We need someone to reverse this quite worrying trend PDQ

    1. Agreed - but I think it's going to be ordinary people who will have to do it, rather than politicians and spokesmen.


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