Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Two kinds of hate speech

The Telegraph notes the different kinds of justice meted out to Anjem Choudary, and to the natives -

"Choudary has hit the news again, just as he intended, this time for marching down Brick Lane threatening shopkeepers with 40 lashes if they don’t stop selling alcohol. At the same time he has gone on record, acclaiming Muslim gangs (who recently attacked drinkers on London’s streets), as 'fantastic' 2003 he was investigated for organising terrorist training camps. Around the same time he praised the 9/11 bombers as 'magnificent martyrs'. A few months later he predicted attacks on British soil. In 2005 he refused to condemn the 7/7 slaughters in London. In 2006 he organised a protest outside the Danish Embassy in London where, notoriously, the protestors carried placards saying 'Exterminate those who slander Islam', 'Behead those who insult Islam', and 'Be prepared for the real holocaust'....he also preached to at least one of the men who went on to kill Woolwich drummer Lee Rigby ...he has gone on record as saying Rigby is now 'burning in hell'."

All he gets is a £500 fine for failing to inform police of the Danish Embassy demo. On to the natives -

"Keith Hurdle, just given four months in prison for a racist rant on a Tube train.....Liam Stacey, who got 54 days in prison for some racist tweets.....Jacqueline Woodhouse, given 21 weeks for a racist rant on another train...six Charlton fans, jailed for 18 months for singing racist songs.....David Rowley, locked up for eight months after sending four racist texts...Anthony Buck given four months for posting Islamophobic remarks on Facebook.... Darren Tosh, who got 16 weeks inside for some more racist texts....Terence Baker, who got prison time for being Islamophobic on the Internet.....Gareth Hemingway.....who got 15 months for uploading racist clips to Youtube.... Emma West, who spent two weeks in jail for shouting at some foreign people on a tram...Martin Smith, slammed in a cell for having a potentially racist ringtone.....Ronnie Hutton, who spent days behind bars after revving his car in a racist manner......Sean Smith, who got three months in prison for impersonating a monkey......"

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  1. Is Anjem Choudary still on "Jihad benefits" as he called them, is he exempt from the jobseekers allowance rules, either way we are paying the fine.

  2. How do you rev a car "in a racist manner"?

  3. "Vroom" sounds like "go home".

  4. Perhaps it's time for democratically elected judges.

  5. Who can "suspend" the current ones.


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