Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Topsy-turvy law

A think tank wants "ex"-drug addicts - that is, those who haven't been nicked for at least five years - to become justices of the peace. Apparently magistrates are too elderly, white and middle class, and the old duffers should be forced to retire after ten years' service. A Parliamentary select committee wants prisoners serving short sentences to be given the vote. Many will vote LibDem as Nick Clegg wants to liberalise the drug laws, but fewer cons will mean fewer "ex"-drug addicts in the magistracy. The Sentencing Council says celebrities with clean records should be given longer sentences than people with form, because their victims - compo-vultures coached by police to take our minds off moslem grooming - have come to trust them. Anyone would think they were too elderly, white and middle class, like magistrates.

And jurors in the trial of two islamists for the murder of Lee Rigby have been told that religion doesn't come into it - by both the prosecution and the defence lawyers. So what on Earth has the first defendant been raving on about?

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