Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Terrorists vs Soldiers

The killer of Drummer Lee Rigby has declared in court that he is a soldier too. Meanwhile a Marine has just been imprisoned for "murdering" a wounded, but still armed, terrorist in Afghanistan. Kath Lissenden remarks -

"I have nothing to say about this story as it really speak for itself, I am becoming increasingly frustrated with this BS, and as a result am losing enthusiasm for any sort of blogging, the attitude seems to be they deserve a fair trial, and that soldiers should be above this behaviour on the higher moral ground. We seem to forget soldiers are people too and have emotions and feelings and frustrations just like the rest of us, no amount of training can take the humanity out of a person just because they are trained to fight in wars, and if you see enough of your compatriots slaughtered, and maimed (especially on home turf in broad daylight) I would suggest even the toughest nut is liable to crack and fall apart.'"

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