Thursday, 19 December 2013

Taxpayers fund anti-UKIP campaign

Left-wing artistes are so lacking in talent that they have to be subsidised, as I've mentioned before (and you might want to read my Turner Prize mickey-take too). But attacking the party which an increasing number of people are voting for - and doing it with their money - is going too far. A theatre company called Jonny and the Baptists (why not "Mo and the Paedophiles", I hear you ask?) is touring the country from March next year all the way up to the European Parliamentary elections, with the express purpose of trying to stop people voting UKIP, and you, my friend, are helping out with the financing. This is taken from Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre website -_________________________________________________________________________________________

Jonny & the Baptists:

The Stop UKIP tour is a musical comedy show centred on the European Elections in May 2014. Jonny & the Baptists aim to engage and amuse audiences with a range of topics, as they have done to national acclaim for several years. The show offers a satirical take on UKIP policies, while encouraging people towards voter engagement rather than apathy, whatever their views. One of the best things about the UK's creative industries is the breadth of ideas available to audiences at theatres, cinemas and galleries every day, and the show hopes to further encourage that conversation.

Supported by Arts Council England

You can email these people to register your disapproval of their tax-sponging propaganda tour at - or their manager Will Young at

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