Thursday, 12 December 2013

Some pigs are more equal than others....

In the equalities stakes, which human rights group scores the highest points - women or moslems?

"Official guidelines which endorse sex segregation at British universities have been declared potentially unlawful by Britain's equality watchdog.....the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) announced it will help re-write guidance, published by Universities UK (UUK) last month, which said Muslim societies and other groups were entitled to practice gender segregation at public meetings on campus."

These are meetings where men have to sit separately to women. The EHRC says that gender segregation is "not permissible" under equalities laws, even though UUK had advised that segregation "could be acceptable as long as men and women were seated side by side rather than with women at the back" and if there was also a "separate, non-segregated area". What's the government view? A spokeswoman (sic) said -

"We are clear that forced segregation of any kind, including gender segregation, is never acceptable on campuses....the ... guidance does not promote gender segregation."

Yes repeat no. So far the anti-extremism lobby seems to be winning, although most student activists prefer their traditional left-wing campaigns (death to the Jews Israel, etc) to this one out of cowardice. That leaves UUK slogging it out with the EHRC, while the government pretends that is hasn't got a dog in this fight anyway.

Better order your burkhas now, girls.

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