Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Recall your MP!

So far Zac Goldsmith's bill to allow the popular recall of underperforming members of Parliament - supported by all of the main parties BEFORE the 2010 general election, but not since (well, there's a surprise) - has won the support of just 127 MPs. Signing the online petition might just encourage the others. Click here to sign.

Introduce a proper Recall mechanism for MPs

Responsible department: Cabinet Office

We call on the Government to introduce a genuine Recall Bill. Under such a Bill, if an agreed percentage of eligible voters (minimum 20%) sign a petition calling for their MP to be ‘recalled’, a referendum must be held. If more than half of those taking part vote for their MP to be recalled, a by-election must follow.

In the wake of the expenses scandal, the UK’s main Political parties all promised to introduce a Recall mechanism, and in 2011 the Government produced a draft Recall Bill. However, its proposals fall far short of genuine Recall.

In the Government’s proposals, a Parliamentary committee (not voters) would decide if an MP qualifies for recall. The proposed criteria is so narrow that just as today, an MP could break all pre-election promises, switch Party, refuse to see constituents, all without qualifying for Recall.

Genuine Recall would empower voters, increase accountability and improve the relationship between people and power.

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