Sunday, 29 December 2013

News round-up

A domestic abuse bill looks set to become law, so that women can pretend that hubby is so "emotionally cruel" that he deserves up to fourteen years in stir, the automatically-ensuing divorce settlement leaving him penniless when he gets out. Meanwhile Nigel Farage has attacked the government for not taking in Syrian refugees in a bid to get the BBC to like him, so expect votes to flow back from UKIP to the BNP come next May. Merely stating that mass immigration benefits cheap labour employers Britain wasn't good enough for Auntie. Ed Miliband is playing at disliking mass immigration whilst planning to coerce councils into building more houses to put them in. Unsurprisingly wife Justine, his new campaign chief, is an actress. The White House's Richard Haass has set a deadline for Ulster unionists to give way on parade routes and on dates when the Union Jack can be flown, as he anxiously courts the republican vote. That's the Irish republican vote in America, by the way.

As both the Arctic and the Antarctic continue to trap ships in ever-expanding ice sheets, the BBC still pretends that carbon dioxide is warming the world up, for fear of losing EU grants and loans. Parliament's climate change committee is still pretending too, as most of its members are beneficiaries of renewables industry largesse. The Lord Chief Justice has admitted that Strasburg is overriding Parliament - and funnily enough the Master of the Rolls said the same about the European Union in the last century - but everyone else has always been aware of these facts, including Nigel Farage, who has no idea what to replace Strasburg and the EU treaties with, which should earn him a Tory ministry. Hundreds of anti-moslem "hate crimes" have been recorded since Gunner Lee Rigby's murder, while the grooming of non-moslem children is never, ever recorded as a hate crime - in fact it's hardly ever recorded.

Gays are best advised to stay out of Tower Hamlets when adopting and screwing up children wanting both a mummy and a daddy - preferably their own, which isn't always an option given ever-rising adoption targets.

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