Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Latest social engineering programme junked

The repression continues. Thanks Longrider for this quote from the BBC website.

"A government programme to promote family stability by helping new parents through the stresses and strains of having children has been scrapped because virtually no-one turned up. Relationship support was offered in five trial areas across England but, in the words of an evaluation technical report published today, 'after the first six months of the trials less than ten couples had participated in any of the programmes'."

Of course without an ever-encroaching nanny state we' wouldn't need to fork out all the tax required to pay for it - and having more disposable income might actually make family life more pleasant. Meanwhile nanny continues to nationalise our children....

Control Freakery Extra - Married couples should be sent to classes promoting monogamy to help spare children lifelong scars from family breakdown, according to the High Court Judge Sir Paul Coleridge


  1. Facepalm ...

    Then deep anger. That's taxpayer money.

    1. Perhaps we should start spending THEIR money.


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