Monday, 2 December 2013

It isn't a hate crime if you're white

I have blogged before about apartheid Britain. Here's the latest attack on a white girl - video footage is available -

"Police have released footage of a woman being attacked on a bus by a gang who knocked her unconscious and poured a drink over her head. CCTV shows the 22-year-old victim sitting with a friend on the top deck of a night bus when the group of five young men boarded and sat in seats next to them. Words were exchanged, with a row escalating when some of the men criticised what the woman was wearing. One man poured a drink over the victim and pulled her hair, while another member of the group appeared to grab at her from behind as his friends looked on laughing. The woman got up from her seat but was pushed and kicked in the stomach. She hit her head as she fell backwards and was left sprawled unconscious on the floor of the bus. The group of men, who got on the route 344 London bus at Lambeth Road, fled soon after the assault...paramedics took the woman to St Thomas' Hospital and she was treated for her head injury and released later the same day...."

All black according to Sky - and I strongly suspect that the seven butchers who killed a white man recently were black too, as they were wearing hoodies and lived in Southwark, of all places. Apparently the murder was a case of mistaken identity, which sounds like they got the wrong honky. Still, they managed to knife one, so what the heck.

But at least the BBC covered that story, whilst ignoring any racial element (like the police and the rest of the media). Auntie hasn't even mentioned the attack on the white girl, who they probably see as a slag anyway.

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