Saturday, 14 December 2013

Homelessness can only get worse

True to form, the left-wing Guardian newspaper fails to mention immigration -

"Homelessness has increased for three consecutive years, partly because of housing shortages and cuts to benefits, with an estimated 185,000 people a year now affected in England, a report says.....almost one in 10 people experience homelessness at some point in their life, with one in 50 experiencing it in the last five years."

What "cuts to benefits"? Reduced housing benefit for under-occupied housing - the so-called bedroom tax - was only introduced a few months ago. And what "housing shortages"? As the housing minister goes on to add -

"We have supported the national roll-out of No Second Night Out to prevent persistent rough sleeping, and given councils greater freedoms to house people in private rented homes. On top of this we have provided nearly £1bn for councils to reduce homelessness.....while delivering 170,000 more affordable homes since 2010."

Get that? 170,000 more affordable homes since 2010. For cheap foreign labour.

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