Friday, 6 December 2013

Health and safety madness

The Mail reports that the government is to launch a festive crackdown on elf 'n' safety killjoys. Hmmmmm......I'll believe it when I see it. Meanwhile the paper mentions some of the worst excesses of the high viz nutters so far -


Army veteran Doug Speller, 74, was told he was not allowed to stand for the National Anthem during an RAF band concert.
Morris dancers in Bacup, Lancashire face having their annual Easter show cancelled because it is so popular that the crowds sometimes spill into the street.
Binmen refused to collect rubbish from the Wright family, in Midlothian, because their bin was open by one inch.
Heavily pregnant Amanda Burch was banned from wearing a vest top while swimming at a leisure centre - but other women were allowed to keep theirs on for 'religious reasons'.
Ellie Sandywell, 11, had her Help for Heroes wristband confiscated at school because teachers feared it might get caught on a door handle.
Thames Water installed a life ring next to a brook in Surrey in case people fell in - even though it is just three inches deep.
Albert 'Dusty' Miller, an 89-year-old Navy veteran, is no longer allowed to lead Royal British Legion events because his age means he cannot be insured.
A postman in London refused to deliver a letter because the pathway to the house was blocked by a spider's web.
Alan Chittock was suspended from his job as a customer service assistant at Southend railway station after he leaped on to the train tracks to rescue a disabled woman who had fallen.
Dozens of schools are reported to have banned pupils from playing conkers, even though the HSE says the risk posed by the traditional playground game is 'incredibly low'.

Monday 9 December - extra health and safety madness from the Mail's Richard Littlejohn -

Morrisons in Dagenham refused to sell a 24-year-old woman a can of furniture polish because she didn’t have ID. They said, insultingly, she could be a solvent abuser.
At Asda’s Halifax branch, a woman was prevented from buying a set of spoons because she couldn’t prove she was over 18. Apparently, spoons are classed as ‘drugs paraphernalia’.
Tesco in Exeter refused to sell a spatula to a 27-year-old woman as part of an ‘anti-stabbing’ initiative. When did you ever hear of anyone being stabbed to death with a spatula?
At its most absurd extreme, there have been reports of people being refused everything from whisky-infused cheddar cheese to wine gums.
In Flitwick, Bedfordshire, a 48-year-old woman was asked for ID before a shop would sell her a T-shirt with a Guinness logo on the front of it......

.....Readers may remember that the man portraying Christ and carrying the cross at the annual Easter Parade in Uckfield was forced to wear a hi-viz jacket. But never bet against the ingenuity of elf’n’safety. The girl playing Mary in a Nativity play in Neath, South Wales, will have to wear a crash helmet in case she falls off her donkey.

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