Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Have a happy European Christmas

Adapted just a little from the Telegraph -

In the European Court of Justice. Commission v Santa Claus in the cases of A, B and C. Working Time Directive – Non-Implementation.

The defendant, who administers a vast expanse of sub-Arctic wasteland, has failed to meet his obligation to limit the working week to 48 hours. The complainants, who are members of the elvish minority and who refer to themselves as Santa’s Little Helpers, said they were required to pack presents round the clock in the weeks leading up to Yuletide in clear breach of the regulations. They are also expected to open hundreds of thousands of children's letters in their spare time, a job that they said should be counted as part of the working week. Their employer, a Mr S Claus, insists upon the highest standards yet does not pay them even the minimum wage.

Santa Claus has been negligent in upholding the Working Time Directive and the court orders that his workshop should be closed down. No appeal is possible.


  1. But operating north of the Arctic Circle, is exempt from employment law.

  2. Don't think of ditching ladies' wear selling for a bar career just yet, will you?


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