Friday, 6 December 2013

Dead boring

David Cameron is still pretending that he can stop EU nationals - including all the Gypsies who come here after Romanian and Bulgarian accession in January - from sponging off the social security system, thus adding to the 200,000 who are here and sponging already. Such a policy change would be immediately struck down by the EU Court of Justice and Cameron knows it, as do UKIP voters who also know that he is only trying to woo them away from Messrs Farage and co. Such a cynical propaganda effort reminds me of Thatcher's vague promise that she would halt mass immigration if she won the 1979 general election, subsequent to which she imported even more immigrants, thanks to those National Front supporters who had switched sides and voted her into office.

Meanwhile the mainstream media is going mental over the death by natural causes of an elderly black terrorist who rightly endured most of his life in a prison cell for directing atrocities against innocent white and black South Africans, only to be released after a joint campaign by Thatcher and FW de Klerk to replace white rule with ANC domination, the violent eviction of white farmers and the near-elimination of law and order neared completion. The good news is that you won't see Mandela wearing those awful lurid shirts in future, except of course for a whole month of mourning in the mainstream media, with public relations speeches by hundreds of white opportunists who never met him, but who are still angling for votes from members of ethnic minorities at the next general election.

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