Monday, 16 December 2013

Classic examples of BBC bias

I've blogged before on the left-wing bias of the state broadcaster - why, it even tries to "groom" children into believing in its extremist nonsense. Here's an apposite and acidic comment from The Commentator -

"Watching Fiona Bruce on the BBC News at Ten the other night, it was possible to believe one had wandered into a charity support function for Syrian refugees.....Ms Bruce did not so much read the news. She acted and performed it, with facial and hand gestures giving an impression of strong disapproval of Britain’s and Europe’s failure to deal with the crisis and to bring to Europe as many refugees as it the job of the BBC News at Ten to dramatise this fact with possible suggestions of political blame? Surely the personal feelings of the newsreader are no part of an objective and impartial report?"

"And it wasn’t just Fiona Bruce. Jeremy Bowen, the BBC’s Middle East Editor reporting from a Syrian refugee camp, seemed to go way beyond reporting the bare facts. He spoke about the adequacy or otherwise of EU funding for the refugees and certainly gave this viewer the impression that the West was not doing enough to help. Mr Bowen was further exercised or concerned by Britain’s policy of not accepting Syrian refugees and spoke to one of them, asking her about the possibility of coming to Europe. Is it the job of news reporters to make or suggest moral judgements about facts or to insinuate solutions to the world’s problems?"

Privatisation of the BBC is the only solution to this political bias - it's too ingrained to be rooted out. After all, no-one makes us subscribe to the Guardian, the corporation's paper equivalent. The new owners could cut back on all that rampant overspending - and those notorious golden handshakes too, which I've blogged about before.

Extra overpayment news - 

Annual accounts released yesterday reveal the corporation handed its top directors £4.1million in 12 months
Cost of the executive board rose by 63 per cent, boosted by golden goodbyes of nearly £1.5million


  1. Moment you said Fiona Bruce, arch-feminist, we knew what was coming.

    1. Yes, she's hypocritical too because she flirts with the viewers.
      Not difficult to see how she got her job ;)

  2. Hmm, not much of an actress, she has this Roger Moore eyebrow thing going on ... and he couldn't act either. To quote Dorothy Parker, 'she runs the gamut of emotions from a to b', perfect for your average beeboid as all they have is 2 emotions: righteous indignation and faux concern.

  3. Nice observation, but Roger Moore only had to raise an eyebrow to get work, not his legs as well.


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