Friday, 27 December 2013

Brussels bans Danish pastries

UKIP's Paul Nuttall MEP gasps at this latest example of control freakery -

"Denmark's food safety agency plans to implement EU regulations to limit the amount of coumarin, which is a naturally occurring toxic chemical found in cassia, the most common type of cinnamon used in the pastries. 'If they are going to do so, it is highly likely that the UK....will follow suit,' said Mr Nuttall. The EU has laid down guidelines for the maximum content of coumarin in foodstuffs – 50mg per kg of dough in traditional or seasonal foods that are only consumed occasionally, and 15mg per kg of dough in what it terms as everyday fine baked goods. For member states which do not class Danish pastries as traditional or seasonal foodstuffs it means an effective ban.

"'First it was banning olive oil in bowls, then regulating size of toilet flushes and now engineering an effective ban on cinnamon on Danish pastries,' said Mr Nuttall. 'An average person would have to eat so many Danish pastries in order to be effected, they would certainly die of obesity before being hurt by a low level of cinnamon'."

I wonder what plans food eurocrats are making for the deep fried clootie dumpling? They say we should eat low fat insects instead. Working through Whitehall, they aim to modify our behaviour....

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