Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The veil...and the rest!

I thought it would never happen, but even the politically-correct BBC is forced to admit that....

"Four in five British people want a ban on the wearing of the niqab in public places, but the UK government looks unlikely to bring in legislation. The wearing of the veil, along with attitudes to women, the radicalisation of some young British Muslims, sexual exploitation and grooming cases, forced marriages, and honour-based violence raise questions for Muslims in Britain today."

The niqab is a piece of cloth which covers the face, and I can only presume that the Guardian-reading feminists of our state broadcaster have finally seen the writing on the wall - and realised that the more they sing the praises of islam, the sooner might come the day when they will be expected to cover up too. No doubt the corporation's Guardian-reading new men will re-establish their traditional domination over editorial policy soon though, and it will be back to praising niqabs, burkhas and other restrictive garments as liberating, free-as-a-bird lifestyle choices.

As for grooming scrubbers who ask for it, the Empire's fault for terrorism, Christians being violent etc, normal service will resume soon too. See Biased BBC for regular exposes of the corporation's islamic bias.

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