Sunday, 3 November 2013

The BBC is an agency of the EU

As if we didn't know already, what with its official line on global warming, immigration, public spending, wimmin's rights, theft of our fish stocks, the English..... thanks to Autonomous Mind for this link to the Telegraph -

"BBC Media Action, which is part of the broadcaster’s Global News division, was paid £4.5 million from Brussels last year, mostly for work designed to ensure the progress of the enlargement of the EU. Based at the BBC’s Broadcasting House headquarters in London, the charity received the bulk of the money for a project to train hundreds of journalists in countries which share potentially volatile borders with the EU. MPs said the extent of the charity’s dependence on money from Brussels could undermine the credibility of the BBC’s coverage of controversial European issues, including EU enlargement. The disclosures led to concerns that the BBC would be seen as complicit in Brussels’s 'empire building' activities."

This isn't the first time the BBC has been exposed for taking propaganda bribes from Brussels. Click here to see just how much the Corporation resembles the EU in terms of its political opinions as well as its spending habits.

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