Sunday, 10 November 2013

So what's wrong with racism?

Racism means putting your own kind first, just like other members of the animal kingdom, who boot other species out of their habitats if they're getting in the way, and whole families of their own species when they try to invade the neighbourhood. Without racism no species or human ethnic group would have come into existence, let alone have thrived. Neanderthals would still be living - no, make that the clumps of DNA in the primeval amino-acid soup!

It was racism - Jews first - which made Israel grow from a semi-arid wilderness in a corner of the Ottoman Empire into an agriculturally and industrially advanced state, unlike its backward neighbours. Without racism Anglo-Saxons would have stayed in the miserable swamps of the north west German coast when the Roman Empire was collapsing, and the Welsh would never have ethnically-cleansed the Beaker Folk a thousand years beforehand.

Racism in the days of Empire meant subjugating other people and growing rich on their labour - a wealth which enables us to afford a modern welfare state, unlike the weaker peoples that we conquered. Where slaves were employed we bought them from Arab middlemen - the kind who built the "Zimbabwe" trading fort - thus benefitting both Arabs and members of rival black ethnic groups, who as racists, had captured them in the first place.

So accept racism, because we are ALL racists - even the critics of racism, who put their own race last.

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  1. accept it because the wealthy Chinese firmly believe in it. And they are the future.


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