Friday, 1 November 2013

Sky News Immigration Poll

Just a snippet of the poll's interesting results.....

The net increase in population is not a cause of concern to me - 16%
The Government's attempt to limit net migration to 100,000 a year is sufficient to control Britain's population - 17%
The population is too large and the Government should take drastic action now to reduce migration - 67%
People in rural areas much more likely to think drastic action is needed (71% in countryside, 53% in urban areas)
By Party:
94% of UKIP voters think drastic action is needed
75% of Conservative voters
54% of Labour voters
46% of Liberal Democrat voters
Those who have little contact with immigrants are significantly more concerned:
71% of those who don't know any immigrants well think drastic action is needed
64% of those who know immigrants through living in the same neighbourhood
58% of those who know immigrants well through friends / family / work / children


  1. It' the wrong immigrants and the way they breed. There are good immigrants who'd be welcome.

    1. Agreed. Russians are particularly welcome :)


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