Saturday, 2 November 2013

Secret courts? We've had them for years

Amid all the fuss about the holding of security-related court cases in secret, Christopher Booker reveals the truth -

"It is a basic principle of British justice that no one should be sent to prison except in open court, so that their name can be known and why they have been jailed. But this has long been one of those basic principles that are routinely ignored in our ultra-secretive family courts."

"Following publicity given to a case in which a woman was secretly sentenced to 12 months in prison for rescuing her father from a care home, where he was being mistreated, the new head of the Family Division of the High Court, Sir James Munby, issued guidelines reminding his fellow judges that this was against the law."

"A father who had already lost his two teenage sons because they were held to be 'at risk of emotional abuse' from their mother, from whom he had separated, was before a judge who wanted to order the removal for adoption of his third son, aged four. When the father left the courtroom in disgust, the judge ordered his arrest for contempt. While he was in custody, his new partner.....panicked and took him to a secret destination. The judge summoned the father back to court [and] angrily sentenced him in secret to 12 months."

People are stripped of their civil rights all the time - often with the connivance of corrupt defence lawyers.

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