Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Religion and politics round-up

The General Synod of the Church of England has just voted to allow women to be bishops (in defiance of Timothy 1:2), so expect Dawn French to look even more smug in future. This news comes hard of the heels of revelations (no religious pun intended) that the chairman of the Co-operative Bank was off his head on drugs when he lent money to the Labour Party and tried to take over Lloyds TSB. Unsurprisingly he is also a Methodist minister and a homosexual, Methodism having contributed to the rise of the Labour Party, and homosexuality being almost a prerequisite for appointment as a minister (or as a bishop come to that). Meanwhile Unite continues to appoint Labour Party members and to dictate policy to Ed Miliband, although the party's ancient dynasties of Dromeys, Straws and Blairs continue to supply candidates for safe seats as soon as they emerge from Oxbridge. Pews are emptying and voters continue to lose faith in politicians. Well there's a surprise.

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