Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Politically-incorrect bonfire night

A rope, a rope, to hang the Pope
A piece of cheese to toast him
A barrel of beer to drink his health
And a right good fire to roast him!

One of the almost-forgotten verses of Remember, remember, still sung in a Nottinghamshire village. These days everyone has human rights except the majority, and Catholics are not in the majority. So our yearly celebration of victory over the Pope and his wicked, ruthless fifth column has been progressively watered down in case their descendants' feelings are hurt. The guy is missing altogether from most bonfires, whilst the world-famous Lewes festivities have been all-but-stripped of their religious content under pressure from police and council.

English independence would have come to an end had the Catesby gang not been apprehended, and dealt with as we should deal now with contemporary religious terrorists. The Papacy might wear a human face these days, but it was firmly behind the execution of thousands of protestants in Bloody Mary's time - including a thousand in the Lewes area alone. James II's treason against his protestant subjects, the murderers whom the Orange Order was set up to repress, Sinn Fein/IRA - all have enjoyed support from the priests of the Roman Church.

So Catholics should stay away from bonfire sites tonight if they're easily offended. Because we have been more than offended - and they've never once apologised for it.

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