Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Policing - the good news and the bad news

The good news

It seems likely that the mad Tory idea of elected "sheriffs" - or Police and Crime Commissioners, as they have became known - looks set to be scrapped. These useless parasites have bilked millions of pounds of taxpayers' money, employing friends, political colleagues and even a teenaged drunkard as totally unnecessary personal assistants, fixing police budgets in return for future police favours, and generally dragging standards of law and order even deeper into the sewers than they were before.

The bad news

The EU's stated aim of gradually taking over our police constabularies now looks set to go back on track, which was probably the motive for the planned abolition of our Police and Crime Commissioners. Based in the old Gestapo building in The Hague, Europol will increasingly take charge of England's soon-to-be-regionalised police "forces", plus the Scottish one - the SNP has just combined all of its constabularies into one - and the Welsh one, with the Assembly currently in the middle of its own merger.

Including the Police Service of Northern Ireland, that's 12 European regional forces in total - you know, those regions the Tories said they were going to abolish.


  1. Policing - it's all bad news.

    1. They're never there when you want them, and always there when you DON'T want them.

    2. ...and 'hearing' things you didn't say.

  2. Police pilot: We are hovering just above your roof. Three Screaming Orgasms...on the house, please.
    Bartender: What?
    Police pilot: Three Screaming Orgasms, you deaf twit.
    Bartender: I can't hear you for the noise.
    Police pilot: Hang on while I turn this big fan off.


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