Monday, 18 November 2013

MEP admits that he was once a man

Six-foot brute Nikki Sinclaire has admitted that he is a bloke - or was a bloke. The beskirted basso-profundo, whose craggy looks once alarmed UKIP MEPs until he quit the party, has admitted to having  had a "sex-change" operation. Boomed the hulking testosterone monster "I feel passionately that true equality happens only when your colour, creed, gender or sexuality is not a label used next to your name. We are not there yet."

So why mention it? Perhaps he's just trying to flog his new autobiography, which might provide enough royalties to pay back those false MEP expenses which police allege that he has fiddled over the years.

In any case what's sexuality got to do with having a few nips and tucks done on the NHS in order to pretend that you're a woman? He remained a homosexual, having slept with men both before and after his "sex change" operation - which he inadvertently admits by claiming that he left UKIP because of its affiliation with a "homophobic" group of MEPs.

However an alleged rape supposedly suffered four years after his "sex change" operation - but never reported to the police - had, he claims, turned him into a lesbian. So yes, he really is entitled to growl his opposition to "homophobia" - if it exists - because now he sleeps with women. At least, he would be if he wasn't really a man.

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