Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Gypsies could cause riots, says Blunkett

Ex-Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett admits that the gypsy problem is bad enough now. I wonder what will happen in January next year, when the large gypsy (or "Roma" - not to be confused with native Romanians) populations of Romania and Bulgaria are allowed over without any hindrance at all? All hell could break loose -

"British cities could face race riots as an influx of Roma migrants creates 'frictions' with local people, David Blunkett, a former home secretary has warned. Anti-social behaviour by Roma people in his Sheffield constituency has resulted in 'understandable tensions' among the indigenous community that must be addressed to avert disorder......Roma migrants from Slovakia must 'change their culture' and send their children to school, stop dumping rubbish and loitering in the streets in order to soothe tensions.....otherwise, the community could 'explode'......Britain is now home to 200,000 Roma migrants, one of the largest populations in Western Europe....most have come from eastern Europe since 2004 and the numbers are growing rapidly. Several hundred families live in the Page Hall district of Sheffield. Locals have set up 'street patrols' in response to anti-social behaviour by migrants."

It is worth noting that whereas nearly everybody deplores Germany's gassing of six million Jews, hardly anyone cares about the 600,000 gypsies who were gassed as well - which, bearing in mind this ethnic group's often criminal treatment of long-suffering host populations, is hardly surprising. And now "street patrols" are forming..... 


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